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Our philosophy at Creative Community for Peace (CCFP) is that through dialogue and interaction, we can build bridges between diverse communities. Here are just a few organizations that are furthering this philosophy on the ground in Israel:

The Jerusalem Youth Chorus

This group provides a safe space where Palestinians and Israelis can engage one another in a verbal and musical discussion. Through this amalgamation of creativity, lyricism, music-making and interpersonal engagement, the Jerusalem Youth Chorus endeavours to create a life-changing experience for its members. The results speak for themselves on stage, and have been inspiring audiences worldwide and in Jerusalem, since 2012.

EcoPeace Middle East

Knowing that environmental concerns don’t stop at national borders and that neighbouring countries have a duty to cooperate to preserve our shared earth, this unique organization unites Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli environmentalists on a mission to protect the environment. 

Throughout its existence, EcoPeace has developed 3 EcoParks. These incredibly important community projects, aside from bringing people together, are essential for the preservation of biodiversity, and as a medium for environmental education.

Hand in Hand

The Hand in Hand schools jointly educate Jewish and Arab children with the goal of building a more unified society. What began with only fifty children in 1998 now has six campuses with thousands of Jewish and Arab students. It’s Israel’s fastest-growing, integrated social movement, impacting over 10,000 people every day while demonstrating that Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians can not only live together but THRIVE as a connected community.


Polyphony is an orchestral program that aims to connect Arab and Jewish communities in Israel through the power of music. With high hopes and aspirations, the organization strives to serve as a worldwide model for mutual understanding, peace and cooperation based on cultural exchange, discussion and community.


Forged on the belief that the lives of Palestinians and Israelis are inherently intertwined, MEET pushes for a peaceful and economically prosperous future by generating a motivated force of tomorrows leaders who are prepared, dedicated and able to work together as one to address the complex issues of their collective and individual societies.

With all of their programs situated in Jerusalem or Nazareth, MEET strives for 100% accessibility to students. On hand are a talented crew of MIT volunteer instructors in entrepreneurship, computer science, and leadership. MEET also offers equal representation for men, women, Israelis, and Palestinians.

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